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Having created the series back in the end of 2019 my initial thought was bringing something dead into life by photographing it, so I took photos of a preserved rat specimen. Random lumen prints inspired my editing process but the pieces of the puzzle began to fit together after having Covid-19. Getting the disease and recovering from it, changed my perspective on life and death.


In the beginning of the pandemic, where the newly identified coronavirus came from was a mystery and it was suggested to be originated from bat species. When I metaphorically linked that piece of information with these photos, I felt that everything fell into place in their own time. So this series represents -life- not death, survival instinct and the strength within us, human beings and I borrowed it's name from Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra's quote from Don Quixote: "Until death it is all life."

© 2020 Ayse Ozaydin

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